How pre-verifying your resume can give you the edge

Posted: 29th Jan

Background screening as part of your job application is becoming a fact of life. But did you know that being proactive and pre-verifying your CV information (such as a police check, qualification check or any other check) can asist you to get a winning edge on your next job application?

Why it works

Employers spend up to 300% more time looking at a verified CV compared to a non-verified one. A verified CV has additional, independently verified, trustworthy information to read and consider while athe other doesn't.

It’s like being paid with a bank cheque rather than a personal cheque. The paper may look the same but the credibility of the banking institution makes a bank cheque trusted. Verification of your information gives your CV complete credibility in the eyes of the employer. So the employer spends more time focusing on you (and less on other applicants) right when they are making a decision about who to interview. 

uWorkin has partnerd with CVCheck, the verification experts with over 700 checks in 190 countries. 

Stand out from the crowd and get a winning edge on your next job application - Check your CV verification options here.