Local jobs for local people in Port Hedland

Posted: 13th Dec

Hedland Local Jobs has launched to support the Port Hedland local community in WA. Hedland Local Jobs is a Hedland Collective project, an organisation formed in 2017 as a group of public, private, and not-for-profit organisations. 

The collective is dedicated to improving outcomes and opportunities for the community of Hedland using a collective impact approach. There is a wealth of services and amenities in Hedland, and they believe that by improving coordination and alignment among existing efforts, in particular the promotion of local jobs, can increase positive benefits for the community as whole.

uWorkin is proud to deliver a unique platform which will encompass true pathways to opportunity for residents, by encouraging local businesses and industry to promote local employment throughout the region.

uWorkin will focus on the below key strategies in conjunction with the Hedland Collective, to deliver on:

-  Strengthening local employment, training, and business development.

-  Building and communicating community vibrancy and culture.

Hedland Local Jobs aims to respond to community needs complementing local employment, and allowing local industries to showcase their employment opportunities, value proposition, and connect directly to local people through local Employer Profiles.

You can access Hedland Local Jobs at www.hedlandlocaljobs.com.au