Local jobs for local people - A guide for local government

Posted: 21st Nov

Earlier this month the Scanlon Foundation, Welcoming Cities and Hume City Council launched a guide for local government to assist the promotion of local employment within communities.  You can access a soft copy of the book at this link -  Local jobs for local people - A guide for local government.

The collaboration is an acknowledgment that “jobs change lives” – they empower individuals, sustain families and strengthen communities.  The book is designed to provide local government leaders with the practical knowledge to implement a local jobs framework for their community, particularly those wanting to:

  • increase the well-being, social inclusion and economic participation of residents
  • increase the engagement with local employers, developers and infrastructure projects
  • enhance the overall economic prosperity of their community

 The book contains some input from Phil Cooper, Managing Director at uWorkin:

"It’s great to see local councils taking the lead on this issue as there are often placed-based factors contributing to high unemployment in some communities. A local response developed by local people is critical to solving localised issues. A lot of outer-metro councils within driving distance of capital cities lose valuable human and financial capital every day because their residents are being pulled towards the capital’s main central business district. The result is that a high proportion of the local workforce travels in from other municipalities and then spends the money they earn back in their home suburbs.

A talent community provides the platform to execute a ‘live local, work local, spend local’ strategy. Further, there is also a huge, hidden local job market that you won’t find advertised on mainstream job classified websites.”

So what could this mean for your community and local employment in general? 

Here’s some thoughts from the projects collaborators:

"Working close to home anchors people more deeply into their local community, improves local knowledge and opens up social networks" - Aleem Ali National Manager, Welcoming Cities.

"Jobs change lives and councils are perfectly placed to connect local employers with local jobs seekers.  We can broker relationships, flush out the hidden job market, open up exclusive access for residents to apply for positions, and coordinate meaningful training and support.  The result is a win-win-win situation for local employers, job seekers and our community as whole.” – CR Drew Jessop, Mayor of Hume.

 "I applaud Hume City Council for its innovative Local Jobs for Local People Program and hope this handbook inspires other councils to implement this effective place-based approach to support their own communities" - Peter Scanlon AO, Scanlon Foundation.

If you would like to talk about creating a Talent Community platform for your region, industry, infrastructure project or employer brand and be part of uWorkin’s ecosystem of connected communities, then please contact us